What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation via SharpSpring helps your business target customers with personalised content based on their unique preferences.

This gives you the ability to increase leads and drive more sales, whilst providing you with the one thing that business owners have always longed for… trackable and proven ROI.

As a SharpSpring Partner and with over 20 years of experience in the Digital Marketing sector, we are in a great position to advise on how this powerful software can dramatically improve your marketing. Over the years, we have used many different marketing automation systems and Hubspot alternatives but have found that SharpSpring stands out above all the rest. SharpSpring can revolutionise your lead generation efforts, sales, customer loyalty, brand exposure and conversion rates…. all in one place!

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Smarten up your marketing

SharpSpring is designed to work alongside a solid Digital Marketing Strategy, so you can track the ROI for your campaigns and ensure that you maximise your marketing budgets.

The Software will also help you to identify anonymous website visitors, track lead behaviour/activity, deliver behaviour-based content to nurture leads, and collect real-time analytics.


Why SharpSpring?

Sharpspring is a full-featured automation platform that is extremely powerful but simple to use.

It’s a very effective, robust tool with a clear and user-friendly interface. SharpSpring can work alongside the systems that you currently have in place and even replace many of these in order to reduce your general system spends and technical overheads.

The system delivers key marketing content at exactly the right time, it equips you with the insight that you need to quantify ROI, and streamlines your marketing activities to what is actually working.


Don’t have the time?

By focusing your marketing and sales efforts on the target audiences that are most likely to buy from you, you’ll save your business time, effort, resources, and money, whilst simultaneously achieving higher conversion rates.

Once your automated platform is set up, you’ll have access to valuable lead data and be in a position to join up your Marketing and Sales strategy, helping you acquire new business and repeat business faster than ever before.

Give us a call and we can set up a short SharpSpring demonstration. You will be impressed.

Marketing Automation Audit

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Our complimentary Marketing Automation Audit is a great way for you to look at how your internal systems (or lack of) are impacting your Digital Marketing and Sales.